Our Mentions. We Spit Hot Fire.


Knoxville Voyager

Homero Gonzalez founded Harmacy Hot Sauce Co. out of a passion for affordable, gourmet hot sauces, prioritizing unique flavors and balanced heat. Despite starting during the pandemic and facing the challenges of keeping production in-house, he built a company that values quality and cultural culinary diversity, demonstrating stability is key in tough economic times.

In today's episode, delve into the spicy world of Harmacy Hot Sauce! From its humble beginnings as an engineering student's escape to becoming a culinary sensation, join us as we explore its deep Cuban roots, unique flavors, and the journey to success.

This week, we dip our Grapes into the 2023 Banana Pudding Festival! Leave it to us to not taste a single bite of banana pudding at a festival for just that thing. Instead, we met an amazing custom pen designer, a successful hot sauce artist, and a hemp beverage brewer! Join us on the Grapevine as we accidentally do everything but the thing we meant to do!


Host Michael Aikens visits local business owners on location to discuss their motivations and perspectives, and to learn from their successes and mistakes. During this Season 3 premiere episode Michael interviews Homero Gonzalez, owner of Harmacy Hot Sauce Co. and Ben Brady, owner of CipherTek Systems, LLC.