The History, Behind Harmacy.

Before the idea for Harmacy Hot Sauce Co. became a reality, there was only the love of good eats and sharing culinary experiences with friends and family. Growing up in a Cuban household, delicious food has always been a part of my life. Abuela’s cooking was always something to look forward to! Showing love through food was the way I was taught, and it is a language I’ve learned to speak fluently. The value of taste is not measured in dollars, but in ‘Mmmm’s' and memories made.

There were countless hangs, parties, and shindigs that led to the day a friend brought their hot sauce collection to a wing night for everyone to enjoy, Hot Ones style. It was there that I learned how tasty hot sauces could be! Until then, I was at least a fan of the classics like Sriracha, Crystal, and Tapatio, but had never considered the vehicle that hot sauces could be for incredible flavor. As a broke engineering student at the time, when I looked online to buy some of these I was floored by having to pay so much for a small 5oz bottle on top of shipping! Taking a look at the ingredients of a few sauces, I thought to myself, "I've been cooking for 15 years, I can figure this out", and so the wheels began turning on how to start crafting my own delicious sauces. Mind you, there were no business aspirations or thoughts of the future, I just wanted tasty spice that wouldn't break the bank.

With what I had learned from creating my first sauce, which eventually became the framework for "Cinco", we get the hilarious story that resulted in the creation of "Brimstone Rimjob". Check the links to read more about how each sauce came to be in their respective blog posts! With the combination of the creation of these two unique and delicious flavors, the shaking of the foundations of society with the pandemic, and my general malaise from trying to push through college courses with no real direction, I took what remains the biggest and scariest leap of my life. Drop out, throw away everything I'd been working toward for the last several years, and start a gourmet hot sauce company. On paper it sounds like a bad call of epic proportions, but at last I could wake up and know I was living the life I chose to, instead of the one I was raised to believe I wanted.

Now at the helm of a gourmet hot sauce company I am proud to have built from the ground up with the support of those I am lucky to call friends, I'm excited to bring my passion for great flavor to as many people as I can from coast to coast!