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Harmacy Hot Sauce Co.

Super Hot Two-Pack (Mix n' Match)

Super Hot Two-Pack (Mix n' Match)

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Two super hot 9oz jars of your choice, ready to be enjoyed!

Warning! These flavors are super hot, made with Ghost, Trinidad Scorpion, and Carolina Reaper peppers!

Brimstone Rimshot - This rich and fiery red pepper sauce forwards deep roasted flavors, earthy tahini, and fragrant Mediterranean spices with an unrelenting heat! At first taste, Brimstone Rimshot imposes on the palate. With the second, it declares its dominance as a full flavored beast with lasting heat that mounts with each and every bite. Try this versatile condiment in marinades, soups, on pizza, or enjoy it with chicken of nearly any preparation. A perfect nuclear wing sauce as is!

Pata del Diablo - Pata del Diablo, which means 'The Foot of the Devil', is a sauce flush with bright citrus notes, bold Latin flavors, and a smoky touch. The prominent, bracing heat rushes to face you, daring you to take another bite, again and again, until you are no more. Pair this sauce perfectly with nachos, souls of the damned, scrambled eggs, grilled meats, fish, and so much more!

For the regular heat versions, check out the Hot Sauce Two Pack!

Refrigerate after opening.

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Artwork by Sinjin Lewis (@sinjeezus)

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